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About us

Who are we?

MD team has been established for 16 years.

Taiwan team: Surewell International Co., Ltd. – solution research and development center.

China team: Guangdong MingDe Circuit Technology Co. – PCB manufacturer.

Shenzhen Xiongxin Electronic Processing Factory – SMT manufacturer.

Shenzhen Mingde Technology Trade Co., Ltd. – Integrating PCB, components, and SMT, integrating talents from both sides of the Taiwan Strait to provide PCBA solutions for customers.

Taiwan Group

Surewell International Co., Ltd was founded in Feb, 2005. The members of our team specialize in the sale of every large and famous manufactory’s components. Our sales operation focus on Semiconductor , TFT Panel , Components, Equipment , Device Instruments, and aspire to be a great professional marketing trader in this line . Most of our company’s products are computer components , device instruments of well-known brands all over the world. Besides, we also supply the integration service of 3C device and information software; At the present time, our customers mostly are manufactories of the industrial electronic products, information products, communication products and expendability products.

The general headquarters of Surewell International Co., Ltd locates in TAIPEI ,TAIWAN ,but in order to suit the trend of “enterprises go westbound” ,we have set up service office in Shenzhen and will establish the branches in other important cities of  China mainland successively ,so we can provide the customers with more complete marketing ,timely service and product solution.
Except the sales of components , our company also supply the clients with the service of testing the production line , it can reduce customers’ time and cost which spend on the flaw in the purchased materials, increase the excellent probability of the production and raise the competitiveness ,then we can grow up with the clients and create a win-win situation.

PCB Manufacturer

Guangdong Mingde Circuit Technology Co., Ltd.

Plant area: 5000 square meters

Products: high thermal conductivity aluminum PCB, double-sided aluminum PCB, ultra-long (2 meters long) aluminum PCB ,Ceramic PCB

Single, double-sided, multilayer PCB

Application areas: LED lighting, backlighting, household appliances, smart products, machinery and equipment, etc.

Products comply with international industry standards such as UL, ROHS, REACH, IPC, etc. The factory is constantly exploring and innovating

The long-term development of the enterprise, at the same time we pay more attention to the handling of every detail, always adhering to the “quality first” principle to serve

SMT Manufacturer

Shenzhen Xiongxin Electronic Processing Factory

We specialize in PCB mounting. Our circuit board placement and assembly process are quality-driven to ensure that your finished products are of high quality. All-inclusive placement service, the services we provide include: circuit board manufacturing, component purchasing, software programming, functional testing, online order tracking and finished product assembly. For semi-packet mounting services, you can order PCBs and some components by yourself and provide them to us for mounting, or you can reserve the corresponding mounting locations for your own mounting.