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Super Pillar MCPCB


  • High Power Flux LED Products
  • General Lighting
  • Outdoor Lighting

Benefits of Super Pillar

  • Increase heat-dissipating efficiency
  • Perfect for higher power components
  • To drive more current
  • Possible to use low-cost dielectric (Pre-Preg)

Super Pillar MCPCB can provide high-power LED a direct channel for heat dissipation by eliminating dielectric (Prepreg, PP) on specific areas. As the result, it increases the efficiency of light optics and decreases decay due to heat accumulation. Using this technology, enables the designer to drive components with her current but yet consume less energy.

Super Pillar MCPCB is an upgrade of traditional MCPCB. A traditional MCPCB structure includes copper foil, dielectric, and copper or aluminum plate. Copper foil serves two major functions, first, conducting current, and second, conducting heat. Dielectric, PP, is to provide heat conduction and insulation. Copper or aluminum plate is used for dissipation and becomes a media for heat sink attachment to provide advanced heat dissipating.

Looking dielectric found inside the traditional MCPCB, it covers the entire aluminum or copper plate completely which is designed for heat dissipation. On the other hand, the dielectric inside the Super Pillar MCPCB doesn’t cover the entire aluminum or copper. It leaves some openings. In these specific areas, the copper or aluminum are exposed on top of the dielectric and solder mask. Creating a protruded copper or aluminum pillar that penetrates dielectric and becomes an extension of copper or aluminum plate.

Most of the traditional MCPCB we found on the market. The coefficients of heat conductivity of dielectrics are between 1~2 W/mK (1W or 2W in short). Of course, we can find 3W or even higher from the market. However, the copper or aluminum plate beneath the dielectric has a coefficient of heat conductivity around 400W/mK and 200W/mK accordingly. It is clear that they have much better heat-conducting performance than dielectric on top of them. This is causing dielectric to become the bottleneck of heat-conducting & dissipating in traditional MCPCB.

The invention of Super Pillar MCPCB is the best solution to overcome that bottleneck found in traditional MCPCB. Combining Super Pillar with thermoelectric separation concepts, to bypass dielectric and conduct heat directly through copper or aluminum pillar to copper or aluminum plate at the bottom. In this design, heat can be quickly take-away from components and dissipated through a copper or aluminum plate at the bottom. We had conducted experiments to consolidate our finding through one 84W single LED chip on a 50 mm aluminum MCPCB and a 200 x 200 x 100 mm aluminum heat sink. All test results are summarized below.